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Fall Activities Book Tag

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy. I hope you’re all well. This is a very exciting post for me – I’m participating in my first ever book tag! I was tagged by the lovely Nya over at Nya Reads: you can see her participation in this tag here. This was a really fun tag to be part of! Scroll down to the bottom to see who I’m tagging – and if your name is mentioned, please comment below and send me a link to your participation! Here goes…




Apple Picking

A book on your TBR that looks so delicious, you can’t wait to take a bite out of it.

image3 (3)image6-3

‘The Patchwork Marriage’ by Jane Green. Jane Green is one of my favourite authors, and I aim to read all of her books (a big ambition – she’s written loads!) The blurb to this sounds really good and it’s one of her better-known novels, so I can’t wait to devour this; I just know I’ll love it.


Corn Maze

A book that’s so fun to get lost in.

image2 (1)image1-15

‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins. I was absolutely obsessed with this book whilst reading, and physically could not put it down. It’s a psychological thriller full of suspense, mystery and brilliantly-constructed characters. It’s a lot of fun to read – it’s one of my favourites!


Haunted Houses

A book that scared you silly.

image4 (1)image4-7

‘Behind Closed Doors’ by B.A. Paris. This didn’t scare me in the conventional horror sort of way; it was more that I was scared forΒ the characters, and I was scared of whatΒ JackΒ was capable of. A brilliant read – I thoroughly enjoyed this.


Pumpkin Patch

The last book you picked up (purchased).


‘The Liar’s Chair’ by Rebecca Whitney. I’m not going to talk about this here because my recent book haul blog post will be coming very soon (spoiler alert).


Scenic Drives

A book that is lyrically beautiful.


‘White Oleander’ by Janet Fitch. This book is written beautifully, and whilst reading, I often found myself gazing in awe at the exquisite language. An extremely powerful and moving read – it’s one of my favourites.




Pumpkin Carving

A book you didn’t like and wouldn’t mind carving up.


‘The Drowning Lesson’ by Jane Shemilt. This book is really highly raved about and some of you are going to hate me for this! But I really couldn’t relate to the protagonist whatsoever and thought she was such a cold, poorly-constructed character. Sorry!





Drinking Apple Cider

A sweet book to curl up under the covers with.


‘Night Music’ by Jojo Moyes. I love Moyes’s novels and I especially loved this book. It’s heartfelt and moving, and would be the perfect book to read whilst snuggling under your duvet with some chocolate!


Jumping In A Leaf Pile

A book that reminds you of your childhood.

Anything at all by Jacqueline Wilson. I love Wilson’s books as a young girl, and I think I read quite a lot of them! I used to borrow most of her books from the library, but I was bought a couple as presents too – sadly I don’t think I own any of them anymore. Every time I see her name, it immediately takes me back to those happy times.




Scary Movie Night

Your favourite spooky read.


‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. I loved both reading and studying this, and it’s probably my all-time favourite Gothic novel (so far – that could change this year as I’m studying the Gothic again!) It’s definitely very spooky.




I tag:

My friend from home – Jess at Theatre Fantasy


And some of my most recent followers:

Things They Never Told Us

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But of course, anybody is welcome to take part in this tag! Just send me a link to your participation.


Happy reading πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “Fall Activities Book Tag

    1. You’re welcome! All you need to do is take the questions that are in my post and then come up with your own books as the answers. You can then tag others to take part also. Make sure you leave me a comment if you do take part – I’d love to see your answers!

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  1. Great and interesting answers. The Patchwork Marriage really looks a delicious read. A new title for me but also one to add. And Behind Closed Doors… I really have to start reading this soon! I don’t know what to expect but apparently everyone is scared and it makes a lasting impression that one!

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