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The Goodreads Book Tag

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all well. This post is very exciting for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve been tagged in another book tag by two lovely bloggers: Jasmine over at How useful it is, and (unofficially) by Janel over at Keeper of Pages. Please do check out both of their blogs. Secondly, this post is going to be a bonus blog post for this week, so I’ll be publishing two new posts this week!

So here is my take on The Goodreads Book Tag! (If you’re active on Goodreads, you can follow me here).




What is the last book you marked as read?


‘Grace Williams Says It Loud’ by Emma Henderson. I gave this book 3/5 stars. I liked this book and it made me very emotional; but it was quite a disturbing read, and at times it made me very uncomfortable.



What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading two novels: one for university and one for pleasure.


For university I am currently reading Thomas Hardy’s ‘Jude The Obscure’ (for my Victorian Literature module). I’m only 68 pages in (almost a quarter of the way) so I’ve got quite a bit more to read – but I am quite enjoying it so far.


For pleasure, I am reading ‘A Song For Issy Bradley’ by Carys Bray. I’m currently on page 85, so again about a quarter of the way through. I have mixed feelings about this book so far. It’s YA and was quite slow at the beginning; however, ‘Book Two’ is picking up a bit, so I’m hoping I will begin to enjoy this more.



What was the last book you marked as to read?


‘The Bones Of You’ by Debbie Howells. I actually started reading this but I put it down – not for any negative reasons, just simply because I’ve read a lot of psychological thrillers recently and thought I should have a break and read a different genre instead! I will pick this up again soon though – it does sound really good.



Do you use the star rating system?

Yes I do! I don’t post reviews on Goodreads, I tend to save them just for my blog, but I always rate a book after I’ve read it. I’m always brutally honest with my star ratings!



What book do you plan on reading next?


For university, it will be Henry James’s ‘Daisy Miller’ (as this is next on the syllabus for Victorian Literature).

For pleasure – I’m really not sure! I usually just pick up a book off my shelf randomly. I think I’ll either continue with ‘The Bones Of You’ or if I decide that I want to read another YA novel, I think I’ll read Jennifer Niven’s ‘All The Bright Places’ (a really close friend of mine loved it and reviewed it here). It all depends on what mood I’m in!



Are you doing the 2016 reading challenge?

No I’m not actually! I only joined Goodreads about two months ago and only have really started to use it properly in the last month or so. But I’ll definitely give it a go next year!



What book do you plan on buying next?

I really can’t answer this! I probably won’t buy any books for a while as I’ve just done two massive book hauls (the first one can be found here, and the second one is coming as a blog post this week!) The next books I receive will (hopefully) be for Christmas presents.



Do you have a wish list?

Oh yes. It’s absolutely huge! I would be here all day if I tried to list all the books on my wish list, but I’ll list a few of the high-priority books on my wish list down below:


  • ‘The Snow Child’ by Eowyn Ivey
  • ‘Ashley Bell’ by Dean Koontz
  • ‘She’s Come Undone’ by Wally Lamb
  • ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio
  • ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath



What is your favourite quote?




Who are your favourite authors?


This is really tricky! Probably Jane Green, Jojo Moyes, Nathan Filer, Khaled Hosseini, Lucy Clarke, to name a few.



Have you joined any groups?

No I haven’t! As I stated before I haven’t been active on Goodreads for very long – but I’ll look into it soon.





I’m tagging some of my most recent followers to take part. I tag:

Inge at The Belgian Reviewer

Donna at Chocolate N Waffles

Karen at My Reading Corner

Rosie at Rosie Reads The World


And I tag anybody else that wishes to take part! If you do choose to take part, please leave me a comment down below with a link to your blog post – I’d love to see your answers.







Happy reading 🙂





9 thoughts on “The Goodreads Book Tag

    1. You’re welcome! I had the same problem with my last book tag – I don’t know why people aren’t receiving the notifications. Just tweeted you though anyway 🙂 Good, I’m glad! And yes it does. I will let you know, thankyou 🙂


      1. If you tag/link to the blog address the person doesn’t get a notification but if you tag/link to a specific post they should get a notification if they have ping backs on…I think that’s how it works but I could have made that up 🙈 lol

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  1. And yay for doing the tag. Im trying not to buy any books either, I’m seriously hoping my friends and family know me well enough to buy me books lol.

    Ooo Victorian Literature, that sounds so interesting and a syllabus that requires you to read Classics, very cool 😎 it’s embarrassing how few classics I’ve actually read 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m liking ‘Jude The Obscure’ so far, but I haven’t read much of it yet! I haven’t read ‘Daisy Miller’ yet. A lot of the books on the Victorian Literature module are either love or hate – and there’s a lot of poetry too 🙂

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