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Top Shelf Spotlight: ‘Anything You Do Say’ by Gillian McAllister

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be posting the newest instalment to my “Top Shelf Spotlight” series. You can find the other posts in the series here. In this series, I will be focusing on one book in particular that has made my “top shelf/favourites” bookshelf. I’ll be giving you some information on the book, as well as sharing some of my personal thoughts on the novel. I hope you enjoy this new series, and please leave any feedback below, including any other posts or series you’d like to see on my blog! So, here goes…



Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister.

Anything You Do Say.jpg

‘I could run, or I could stay and call him an ambulance. Now it is decision time . . . ‘

It’s the end of the night. You’re walking home on your own.

Then you hear the sound every woman dreads. Footsteps. Behind you. Coming fast.

You’re sure it’s him – the man from the bar who wouldn’t leave you alone.

You make a snap decision. You turn. You push. Your pursuer tumbles down the steps. He lies motionless, face-down on the floor.

Now What?

Call 999
Wait for the police to arrive. For judgement, for justice, whatever that may be. You just hope you husband, family and friends, everyone you love, will stand by you.


Stay silent. You didn’t mean to do it. You were scared, you panicked. And no one saw. No one will ever know. If you leave now. If you keep quiet. Forever.

Which is it to be?


‘Anything You Do Say’ is one of the best Psychological Thrillers I’ve ever read – you can find my full review here. I was also asked to be a participant in the blog tour which you can find here. Having read both of her books now, I can actively say that McAllister is definitely one of my favourite authors!



About the Author



Gillian McAllister is the author of two Psychological Thriller novels: ‘Everything But The Truth’ and ‘Anything You Do Say’. McAllister now lives in Birmingham with her boyfriend, and is a lawyer as well as a writer.



About the Book



Pages: 400

Release Date: October 2017

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense.

Average Goodreads rating: 4.2

Film? No.

Author’s other works: ‘Everything But The Truth’ (March 2017), ‘Anything But The Truth’ (October 2017).

Themes explored: Trauma.



My Thoughts


Favourite character/narrator: Joanna!

What I liked/overall standout elements:

  • The two consecutive narratives throughout are absolutely genius. The novel is divided into “conceal” (in which Joanna hides the truth) and “reveal” (in which Joanna reveals the truth) chapters.
  • Joanna’s narrative voice is excellently-constructed and realistic. The reader is truly able to gain an insight into the anxiety and paranoia she feels, after she is forced to make a life-changing decision.
  • The atmosphere throughout the book is unbelievably tense. I was immediately hooked from the very first page, and I physically couldn’t put it down. I just had to read on and discover exactly which path Joanna had taken.
  • There are many thriller elements within the novel, such as increasing tension and suspenseuncertainty surrounding Joanna’s fate, many twists and turns, and a fantastic climax.
  • All characters within the novel are well-portrayed and all bring something different and unique to the novel. Even the minor characters are important and memorable.
  • There’s a fantastic end resolution which ties together all the little details of the plot. Events are still left slightly ambiguous, which I really appreciated. I was truly on the edge of my seat at the end, and was really satisfied with the resolution.




My overall verdict: Gillian McAllister is an author you MUST check out if you enjoy Psychological Thriller novels!









Happy reading 🙂

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