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Reflecting On … 50,000+ Hits & Future Blogging Goals!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all doing well. Today’s post is going to be more of a chatty post, in which I want to keep you updated with a few things that are going on in my life at the moment (particularly related to my blog!) Exciting times! Keep reading…



Reaching 50,000 Hits!

50000 hits

My blog achieved 50,000 views somewhere between Thursday 31st January and Friday 1st February. I genuinely cannot believe it! This is the biggest achievement for my blog as of yet, and I am absolutely over the moon to have achieved such an incredible stat!

I can’t believe that my blog has been visited over 50,000 times (whilst writing this on 7th February, it’s currently at 51,448 views!) It’s really amazing that my blog has been clicked on that many times, and I hope that you enjoy my blog posts. It’s a real struggle to maintain motivation with writing blog posts sometimes, but when I see stats like this, it is all worth it in my eyes!

And the fact that almost 40,000 different people have visited my blog is also astounding (currently at 39,105!) I’m really happy that my content is getting out there and is appearing on search engines etc, so you guys can find it more easily!



My Best Ever Monthly Blog Stats!

10000 hits jan

Last month, in January 2019, my blog hit it’s highest ever stats by far! In that month, I achieved 10,000+ views, which is 20% of my OVERALL blog stats – and considering my blog has been going for 2 1/2 years now, that is really a huge achievement. This makes me determined to keep delivering content and just stick at blogging, no matter how hard it gets and no matter what else is going on in my life!

Thanks so much to all of you for your ongoing support – it really does mean the world to me! I’m at a position now that I never thought I would be in with my blog, and it’s all down to my lovely readers. Please keep giving me feedback on my posts, letting me know what you like/didn’t like – I really enjoy reading your comments, and it helps me to become a better blogger!



Blogging Goals!

notepad-3297994_1920 (1)

My blogging goals for the rest of 2019 are as follows:

  • I will continue to aim for 2 blog posts per week. I may not always achieve this and I may sometimes only manage 1 post in a week, but it’s important to not beat myself up about it and to just keep going. This is quite a flexible goal that I’m setting myself, as sometimes life just gets really busy and there’s not a lot I can do about it!
  • I want to keep more up-to-date with exciting book releases that are coming up, and request ARCs a lot more this year. I have recently been sent a whole load of ARCs that I’m really excited to get to, and I’d love to be involved in any campaigns surrounding upcoming releases for Psychological Thrillers/Crime Fiction!
  • I also want to be more involved in blog tours this year. I haven’t been involved in one for a fair few months now which I’m pretty sad about, so I’m going to make it my goal to request participation in more blog tours of books I think I’ll enjoy!
  • I want to read and review more books. There were a few times last year when I was reading books on holiday etc and by the time I got home, I’d forgotten a lot of what had happened in the books and never got round to writing a review. Well this year, I promise to review every single book I award 4 stars or more to!
  • My final goal is to invest more time and effort into my book Instagram page (@thebookwormsfantasy)! I really want to learn how to take pretty, aesthetically-pleasing book photos that will get my content out there on Instagram, so if any of you have any tips on taking good bookish Instagram photos please do let me know!









Happy reading 🙂

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