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Why I Love Psychological Thrillers!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all doing well. Today’s post is going to be a chatty post, all about why I love Psychological Thrillers! For those of you who regularly read my blog, the claim that I love Psychological Thrillers will come as no surprise to you. It’s by far my favourite genre/sub-genre/category of books, and here are the reasons why…



1) Believe The Hype!


One of the things I love about Psychological Thrillers, and one of the reasons why I will continue to gravitate towards books of the genre, is because of the taglines and marketing campaigns surrounding Psychological Thriller books.

Here are some examples of good marketing campaigns that have really stuck with me:

thirteen book cover

friend requestbehind her eyes


With a hook this interesting, there’s no way I could resist the book! There’s always a unique twist on the genre, and the books just sound SO intriguing (in my opinion anyway!) Publishers invest a lot of time and money into creating interesting marketing campaigns, and it really pays off, because these taglines stand out and immediately grab your attention!



2) Accepting Your Flaws.


I could just go down the more obvious route and say that I really enjoy the characters in a lot of Psychological Thrillers. This is very true and I don’t at all disagree with this. But if I think hard about WHY I love the characters, it comes down to the fact that they many of them are deeply flawed, and therefore so much more realistic.

beck yourachel the girl on the train

I mean, real people have plenty of flaws. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes and do stupid things – and that’s a trope that I feel has been adopted in Psychological Thriller novels. And personally, I can relate to a character that’s made the same mistakes as me much more than I can with a two-dimensional, completely flat character.



3) The Immediate Presentness.


Most Psychological Thrillers are told in the present-tense, from a first-person narration. This really gives the sense of urgency, and gives the reader a feeling of being completely in the moment with that character. This creates a shared intimacy between the character and the reader – and that is a really special feeling, to feel that you are sharing a private moment with a character.

alice in wonderland

Reading a Psychological Thriller is like making a new friend, or catching up with an old one. You can escape your own life and become part of somebody else’s – and share their worries, fears and emotions with them. No other genre can make you feel so absorbed and involved, in my opinion.



4) Who Doesn’t Love A Good Twist?!


Psychological Thrillers are probably best-known for their twists. Twists come in all shapes and sizes – from small revelations to big, full-blown twists that completely change the course of the novel.


The best kind of Psychological Thrillers are able to completely master the twist. The reader shouldn’t be able to see this twist coming – it should come as a complete surprise, and make the reader think very differently about the novel from that point onward. I love the feeling of being completely fooled by the author, and never quite knowing what’s coming next!



5) All’s Well That Ends Well.


A Psychological Thriller needs to have an ending that ties everything together really well, and makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

puzzle piece

I love putting a book down and feeling completely satisfied with the way that events were resolved. There’s no better feeling that completing a book and being able to finally put it to rest, after it has been plaguing at you constantly!

Alternatively, an ambiguous ending is also one of my favourite choices – you never quite know what’s going to happen to the character next! These kind of books really make me wish for sequels!









Happy reading 🙂

11 thoughts on “Why I Love Psychological Thrillers!

  1. Ah, you put it so nicely! I totes share your feelings toward psycho thrillers, but couldn’t have explained it better 🙂
    I really like those characters who have all kinds of issues, and are basically real people. 😀
    Aaand plot twists! Yess! There are a few cases when there’s one too many, which kinda kills the vibes, but usually there’s a good balance.

    Liked by 1 person

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