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Blog Tour: ‘A Good Enough Mother’ by Bev Thomas

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! Today I’m really excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Bev Thomas’ debut psychological thriller, ‘A Good Enough Mother’! In this post, I’ll be giving you some information about the book, and also sharing a mini-review of the book with you. Thanks so much to Faber & Faber for the opportunity! Keep reading…

a good enough mother blog tour



a good enough mother

The most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Dr Ruth Hartland rises to difficult tasks. She is the director of a highly respected trauma therapy unit. She is confident, capable and excellent at her job. Today she is preoccupied by her son Tom’s disappearance.

So when a new patient arrives at the unit – a young man who looks shockingly like Tom – she is floored.

As a therapist, Ruth knows exactly what she should do in the best interests of her client, but as a mother she makes a very different choice – a decision that will have profound consequences.



About the Author.

bev thomas

Bev Thomas’ debut novel, ‘A Good Enough Mother’, is due to be released on 4th April 2019. Thomas was a clinical psychologist in the NHS for many years, and she currently works as an organisational consultant in mental health and other services. She lives in London with her family.



My Thoughts.

‘A Good Enough Mother’ is a slow-burning psychological thriller, all about the difficult choices a mother must make when faced with the impossible. It explores the therapist-client dynamic, and how attachment can be a dangerous thing…

I really enjoyed the intrusive narrative style. The story is narrated from the first-person perspective of Dr Ruth Hartland, providing the reader with an in-depth insight to her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some sections are narrated in the present tense, and some sections narrate Ruth’s recall of past events. Both narratives increase in suspense and tension, and finally come together at the end.

There are many thriller elements incorporated in the novel, such as increasing tension and suspense, mystery surrounding what happened to Ruth’s son, plot twists and more. It’s definitely more of a slow-burning psychological thriller, and it does take a while to get going, so if you like psychological thrillers with a slower pace then you’ll really enjoy this book! The book motors onwards to a final shocking twist, which throws everything into turmoil.

The novel addresses some difficult topics, such as mental illness, suicide, self-harm, death, grief, murder and more. It explores the therapist-client dynamic really well, and all the difficulties that come with being a therapist.

This is a good read, and I urge all of you who enjoy psychological thrillers to read this, particularly if you are interested in reading a book about mental health and therapy!









Happy reading 🙂

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