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Author Interview: Amanda Robson

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m really excited to be posting my exclusive interview with author Amanda Robson! I’ve read all of Robson’s novels now, including her latest release ‘Envy’. I was absolutely thrilled when Robson agreed to answer my questions – thanks so much! So, keep reading…



About the Author.

amanda robson

Amanda Robson is the author of three novels: ‘Obsession’ (2017), ‘Guilt’ (2018) and ‘Envy’ (2019). After graduating, Robson worked in medical research and became the co-author of a book on cyanide poisoning. She attended the Faber Academy writing course in 2011, and now writes from home full time. She lives in London and Wales with her family.



Exclusive Interview!

1) How would you describe your psychological thriller novels using only three words (Obsession and Guilt)?

Dark, domestic noir.

2) I’ve just finished reading your latest novel, Envy! Can you tell us a bit about the book?

Envy is a psychological thriller about an attractive young woman who has three people in love with her. One, her husband. The other two are stalkers; her husband’s best friend, and a woman who envies her.

3) Your books all include multiple POVs. Do you tend to write each POV separately or all together?

I write the story in sequence, alternating the POV as the story progresses.
4) There’s a big market out there currently for Crime/Thriller novels. What would you say sets you apart from other writers of the genre? What do you hope to achieve in your writing?

My writing is more descriptive and sharply written than some of the genre. Very observational.
5) Could you tell us a bit about your writing journey and how you managed to get published? Did you receive rejections and how did you overcome these?

I wrote for eight years before I obtained an agent and subsequent book deal. I coped with rejections because I was obsessed with writing and however difficult it became I wasn’t prepared or able to stop.
6) Are there times when you struggle with finding inspiration or generating ideas for your writing? What do you do when this happens?

I generally find I have ideas and want to keep writing, but I am having a break at the moment, I have been working non-stop for too long and want to spend time with my family. I am going sailing over the summer and getting back to the grind in September.
7) How would you describe your writing process? How long does it take you to write a novel?

It takes me about six months to write a novel. I write each chapter out roughly by hand first. As I type it up I formalise and improve it. I edit the same day. Then I edit again the next morning before I continue to write the next section by hand. It is amazing how different your work can read after a night’s sleep. How much it can need improving. I only feel I have nearly finished when I can open any page by random and am satisfied.
8) Which books have you read recently that you’d recommend to others?

I love the work of Roz Watkins, Caroline England, Elizabeth Carpenter, Sam Carrington and Emma Curtis.
9) Tell me a bit more about yourself! What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a family person. I love dogs and am busy training a new puppy. I love sailing and walking. Eating and drinking with family and friends. Gardening. Reading. Theatre. Watching football and rugby.
10) And finally, what writing tips would you give to other budding authors?

Persevere. Treasure your imagination. Even if people can write neatly they often have no imagination or ideas. So if you are bursting with ideas and love writing keep going. Try not to let the rejections pull you down. Every writer gets their share of those. Try buying Writing a Novel by Richard Skinner. He runs the Faber Academy novel writing courses and is very inspiring.

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Happy reading 🙂

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