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Blogging Hiatus

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! In this post, I have some rather sad news to share with you all. Keep reading…



The Crash.


Two weeks ago, I was involved in a very nasty car accident. I definitely could have been killed, and I feel extremely lucky each and every day that I’m still here.

I don’t wish to go into details about what happened so publicly on my blog. It has been a lot to process and I find it difficult to talk about the details.

What I want you all to know is that I did sustain injury during the accident, and I have severe neck and back pain. This is something I will be receiving ongoing treatment for. This is one of the reasons behind the decision to go on a blog hiatus for a while.



Why the hiatus?


The injury has unfortunately affected my physical ability to read. I struggle to get comfortable, meaning I just can’t sit there for hours and read a book anymore. When I do read, it is only a little bit at a time.

As well as affecting me physically, the accident has caused a blow to my mental health. I find it difficult to take pleasure in reading at the moment, preferring instead to do things that will distract me more and give me less time to think.

All of this has led me to the decision to go on a blog hiatus. I hope it won’t be for too long, but I can’t predict this at the moment unfortunately. I will write content when I finally manage to finish a book, but that won’t be very often.



Thank you.


I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of you who have supported my blog. So many of you give me positive feedback, and I’m so grateful for that.

I will be back sometime soon. Right now I need to focus on my health and recovery, and I hope you all understand and support me in that decision.









Happy reading πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus

  1. This is very sad news…reading is your oxygen, and it must be a dreadful blow.

    However, with time and the right medical and emotional support, I hope that you will recover your capacity to be able to enjoy reading as you always have. It’s important now to just focus on YOU.

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  2. I am late to this post as I just recently started to adore your blog. I pray that you are doing well in health and spirit. As the world is going thru this trying time and as you continue to heal. Take one day at a time. I definitely know what it means and feels like to have the impact of a survived car accident in between your mental hand psychical health. You are strong and powerful. Take your time for you as you heal daily.

    Welcome back dearheart.

    My new blog is

    It would be an honor if you follow me on this revised page.

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