Book Reviews: A-Z

Below are a list of all my book reviews to date.


Allan, Claire – Her Name Was Rose


Barton, Fiona – The Child (Kate Waters #2)

Barton, Fiona – The Suspect (Kate Waters #3)

Berry, Lucinda – The Perfect Child

Bjork, Samuel – The Owl Always Hunts At Night

Blackhurst, Jenny – How I Lost You

Bolton, Sharon – Little Black Lies

Burke, Alafair – The Ex


Candlish, Louise – The Swimming Pool

Carroll, B.M. – Who We Were

Cavanagh, Steve – Thirteen (Eddie Flynn #4)

Cavanagh, Steve – Twisted (Eddie Flynn #5)

Chandler, H.S. – Degrees Of Guilt

Corry, Jane – Blood Sisters

Corry, Jane – I Made A Mistake

Corry, Jane – My Husband’s Wife

Corry, Jane – The Dead Ex

Cotterell, T.A. – What Alice Knew

Curtis, Emma – Keep Her Quiet

Curtis, Emma – One Little Mistake

Curtis, Emma – The Night You Left

Curtis, Emma – When I Find You


Dean, Will – The Last Thing To Burn

Deaver, Jeffery – XO

Delaney, J.P. – The Girl Before

Diffenbaugh, Vanessa – The Language Of Flowers

Driscoll, Teresa – I Am Watching You


Fallon, Jane – My Sweet Revenge

Feeney, Alice – I Know Who You Are

Feeney, Alice – Sometimes I Lie

Fields, Helen – Perfect Prey (DI Callanach #2)

Fields, Helen – Perfect Death (DI Callanach #3)

Fields, Helen – Perfect Silence (DI Callanach #4)

Fields, Helen – Perfect Crime (DI Callanach #5)

Fields, Helen – Perfect Kill (DI Callanach #6)

Fields, Helen – The Shadow Man

Filer, Nathan – The Shock Of The Fall

Foley, Lucy – The Hunting Party


Green, Linda – While My Eyes Were Closed


Hall, Lisa – Have You Seen Her

Hall, Lisa – The Party

Hamer, Kate – The Doll Funeral

Hamer, Kate – The Girl In The Red Coat

Hawkins, Paula – Into The Water

Haynes, Elizabeth – Into The Darkest Corner

Howells, Debbie – The Bones Of You


Jackson, David – Don’t Make A Sound (DS Nathan Cody #3)

Jackson, David – The Resident

Jennings, Amanda – In Her Wake

Jensen, Louise – The Stolen Sisters

Jewell, Lisa – Watching You


Kara, Lesley – The Rumour

Kara, Lesley – Who Did You Tell?

Kelly, Erin – He Said/She Said

Kepnes, Caroline – YOU

Kepnes, Caroline – Hidden Bodies (YOU #2)

Kubica, Mary – Pretty Baby


Lake, Alex – Seven Days

Land, Ali – Good Me Bad Me

Lapena, Shari – A Stranger In The House

Lapena, Shari – The Couple Next Door

Lawler, Liz – Don’t Wake Up

Lelic, Simon – The House

Logan, T.M. – 29 Seconds

Logan, T.M. – Lies


Mackintosh, Clare – Hostage

Mackintosh, Clare – I Let You Go

Mackintosh, Clare – I See You

Mackintosh, Clare – Let Me Lie

Marrs, John – The One

Marshall, Laura – Friend Request

Masson, Deborah – Hold Your Tongue (DI Eve Hunter #1)

McAllister, Gillian – Anything You Do Say

McAllister, Gillian – Everything But The Truth

McAllister, Gillian – No Further Questions

McGeorge, Chris – Guess Who

Michaelides, Alex – The Silent Patient

Moore, Graham – The Holdout

Morgan, Phoebe – The Girl Next Door

Moyes, Jojo – Paris For One and Honeymoon In Paris

Mumford, Louise – Sleepless


Neill, Fiona – The Betrayals

Newham, Vicky – Turn A Blind Eye

Niven, Jennifer – All The Bright Places

North, Lauren – The Perfect Betrayal


O’Neill, Louise – Asking For It

Overton, Hollie – Baby Doll

Overton, Hollie – The Runaway

Overton, Hollie – The Walls


Paris, B.A. – Bring Me Back

Paris, B.A. – The Breakdown

Paris, B.A. – The Dilemma

Parks, Adele – Lies Lies Lies

Perry, Karen – Girl Unknown

Picoult, Jodi – Handle With Care

Picoult, Jodi – The Pact

Pinborough, Sarah – Behind Her Eyes


Riva, Lana Grace – The Existence Of Amy

Robson, Amanda – Obsession


Sacks, Michelle – You Were Made For This

Seddon, Holly – Don’t Close Your Eyes

Seskis, Tina – The Honeymoon

Stone, Lisa – Stalker

Stone, Lisa – The Darkness Within

Swanson, Peter – Every Vow You Break

Swanson, Peter – Her Every Fear

Swanson, Peter – The Kind Worth Killing


Taylor, C.L. – Her Last Holiday

Taylor, C.L. – Sleep


Taylor, C.L. – THE ESCAPE

Taylor, C.L. – THE FEAR

Taylor, C.L. – THE LIE

Taylor, C.L. – THE MISSING

Tyce, Harriet – Blood Orange


Vaughan, Sarah – Anatomy Of A Scandal


Wood, Charlotte – The Natural Way Of Things